We are passionate about children and families. We have first-hand experience of the challenges and demands of family building, family life and relationship breakdowns. We have every angle covered.

Families built through assisted conception and modern family forms at home and abroad need to work even harder to sustain family life and manage the many challenges life brings. Law and policy governing assisted conception, surrogacy, donor conception, adoption and family parenting is fast-moving creating complex legal challenges to overcome.


We are experienced in identifying and managing potential pitfalls, providing workable options and solutions. This minimises adverse financial consequences, reduces emotional distress and places day to day family life on a firm footing. Our expert legal advice delivers quality family life for you, your child and your wider family. Irrespective of your situation be it married, cohabiting, single, same sex, secure legal advice before setting out on your journey to parenthood to obtain peace of mind, legal protection and empowerment to make informed decisions.

We support professionals, provide media coverage and provide thought leadership to bring about positive changes for the benefit of fertility patients, parents, children and families.

Our Philosophy

We recognise children and family life is central to many people's lives. Our aim is to support you along your journey to parenthood and beyond.

We are experienced fertility, parenting and family lawyers and advise on creative legal solutions to achieve your goals of a successful pregnancy, much wanted child and positive family life. We sensitively raise awareness, identifying issues to facilitate constructive discussions to make informed decisions. We are empathetic and take time to listen to your needs and wishes, aligning your expectations into practical legal outcomes.

The law is fast-moving and evolving and navigating the legal issues effectively requires expert advice from us. We provide tailor made legal services for all budgets to help give you peace of mind, and feel empowered to make informed decisions. 

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How we can help

We help you become a parent whether you are: single, married, cohabiting, heterosexual and same sex relationships.

We work with people from every walk of life, treat everybody as an individual and tailor our approach and scope depending upon your requirements and financial circumstances.

Our bespoke, expert, cutting edge legal advice can be provided wherever you are in the world using video conferencing, email, telephone, correspondence – as well as face to face meetings in our London (6 New Street Square), Bristol and Exeter offices.

Our involvement ranges from an initial consultation to help you decide your family building options through to full legal representation.

We are approachable, pragmatic and innovative. We are committed to helping and advising you in relation to your family building and parenting journey.

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Our Expert

Louisa Ghevaert
Head of Fertility and Parenting team

Louisa has pioneered the practice of fertility, surrogacy, parenting and family law in the UK, and has litigated some of the most important UK fertility law cases.

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What people say about us

We are recognised legal experts in UK fertility, parenting and family law, and Louisa Ghevaert is ranked as a leading expert in fertility and family law by Chambers & Partners 2015.

We are approachable, pragmatic and innovative, providing personal expert fertility, parenting and family law advice that's recognised world-wide.

What our clients say

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Here are just some examples of how our expertise have been described in the media:

We are approachable, pragmatic and innovative, providing personal expert fertility, parenting and family law advice that's recognised world-wide.

Dr Raj Mathur, Consultant Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Manchester Fertility Clinic, November 2017

"I know Louisa Ghevaert as a leading figure in the legal profession helping individuals and families affected by fertility problems. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area. Ms Ghevaert wrote the section on ‘Legal and regulatory risk for patients’ in ‘Reducing risk in fertility treatment’ published by Springer, which I edited. I was impressed by her depth and breadth of knowledge and her ability to relate to the needs of patients who find themselves having to deal with difficult legal conundrums arising from the complex law around aspects of fertility treatment. This includes matters such as surrogacy, legal parenthood, donor gametes and treatment overseas."

Stephen Page, Harrington Family Lawyers, November 2017

"Louisa is an excellent fertility lawyer. I have had the pleasure of working with her to help mutual international clients. Surrogacy is the most complex way to make a baby and international surrogacy is the most complex form of surrogacy. It’s important to have a lawyer who is across the complexity that is surrogacy law, as well as someone who cares for their clients. Louisa is both!"

A US ART attorney, September 2017

"Congratulations on the expert help you provided your client. While money is not a replacement, at least now she'll be able to afford the surrogacy process. I love knowing that you're over in the UK changing the laws, and people's perceptions, about what we do. Your client chose her attorney wisely."

Chambers & Partners UK 2017

"Head of the Fertility and Parenting team Louisa Ghevaert has a breadth of expertise in all related matters including assisting same sex couples in complex issues arising from fertility treatments, adoption and surrogacy.  A client states 'I feel very fortunate to be represented by Louisa because of her expert knowledge and diligence in leaving no stone uncovered'.

The Legal 500 UK Guide 2017

"The very knowledgeable and kind Louisa Ghevaert leads a specialist practice in fertility law and has immense experience in surrogacy work.  She is recommended for her experience in fertility treatment, international private children cases and international surrogacy involving the US and eastern and Western Europe.". London

"Michelmores LLP is singled out for its niche expertise in surrogacy.  Family and fertility specialist Louisa Ghevaert has particular expertise handling complex international commercial surrogacy cases in the High Court making 'her one of the countries small handful of top practitioners in this field'. Her knowledge is second to none, her attention to detail is 'painstaking' and her manner with clients is 'exemplary'". Exeter

The Legal 500 UK Guide 2015

"the exceptional Louisa Ghevaert is recommended for her knowledge of fertility law".

The Independent (15 March 2015)

"Louisa Ghevaert, a leading UK surrogacy lawyer and family law expert".

BBC Radio London Interview with Vanessa Feltz on 'Have Your Say' (9 March 2015) 

"Louisa Ghevaert, the fertility lawyer and leading surrogacy expert".

BBC World Service Have Your Say (20 February 2015)

"Leading expert in UK fertility law".


We provide flexible, individually tailored legal advice and assistance to meet your needs and all budgets using: video conferencing, email, telephone, correspondence and face to face meetings in our London, Bristol and Exeter offices.

We offer a range of legal services and charging structures, including:

  • 'One-off' legal advice understanding the law in your situation for a competitively priced fixed fee or by way of flexible hourly rate charges.
  • Specialist legal services on a 'pay as you go' basis to meet your needs including: document preparation, answering legal questions and providing advice on legal issues by way of flexible hourly rate charges and fixed fees.
  • Flexible legal 'mentoring' service to suit your budget to enable you to represent yourselves in the English Family Court.
  • Full legal representation in English Family Court proceedings by way of flexible hourly rate charges and fixed fees.

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