Adoption Legal Services


We can help you create and add to your family by whatever method you consider is right for you.

We have expertise within adoption, surrogacy and fertility treatments.

Whatever your personal situation: be it married, single or in a same sex relationship - you can become a parent. We will expertly guide you through the options.

We are non-judgemental, discrete and supportive.

Adoption removes Parental Responsibility (PR) from the birth parents of a child and gives it to the adoptive parents.  

The child will cease to be the legal child of the birth parents and becomes the legal child of the adoptive parents.  This is a significant change of legal status and all adoptions therefore have to be approved by the Court.  This does involve careful judicial scrutiny, informed by detailed reports both from the local authority (Social Services) and CAFCASS, the Court's independent advisory service.  It is not a simple rubber-stamping exercise.  In reaching a decision on whether adoption is right for a child, the Court's paramount consideration has to be the child's welfare throughout his or her life.  It must consider amongst other things:

  • the effect on the child of ceasing to be a member of the original family 
  • the child's relationship with his or her relatives
  • the child's wishes and feelings if old enough to express them

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