Emma Maguire
Posted on 28 Oct 2016

Emma Maguire
Trainee Solicitor

What is the best thing about working in Bristol?

The best thing about working in Bristol is the fact that you are the only trainee in that office. This means that you are able to forge working relationships with several different people and are able to experience different aspects of the work. It also means that you are kept rather busy which allows you to obtain a fantastic all round experience. You are also given a high level of responsibility from day one, as well as a vast amount of client exposure.

Tell me about your average day

My average day consists of getting in to the office at 8.30/9.00am, checking my emails and any post that I may have received. I would then amend my ‘to do’ list prioritising today’s tasks. I would check in with my supervisor to see what he wanted me to do that day and to update him on work I had from other fee earners; this allowed him to know whether I was too busy or whether I had any capacity. I would usually have a few tasks to carry out each day so, I would complete one task and check in with the fee earner concerned to update them and discuss the work I had undertaken with them. Where possible, I would try and complete one task fully before moving on to the next but this is not always feasible in a busy office. I would then have lunch with my colleagues or there may be a team meeting or team training over lunch time. I would usually leave the office at about 6pm.

Is life as a trainee at Michelmores what you expected?

Life as a trainee at Michelmores has been fantastic thus far. When I attended my assessment day, I felt as though it was a very collegiate, friendly and helpful environment to work in and that the people I met were happy to assist me and find out about me; that has not really stopped. I have had constant support, encouragement and motivation from my colleagues who always push you to be better which is exactly what you want as a trainee. I have learnt a vast amount already and I feel that my confidence, knowledge and skills have all improved. My supervisor was fantastic in my first seat and always approachable and keen to teach me. Client exposure was always promised and I have not been let down.

Who would be your top three dinner party guests?

Robbie Williams – I have been a little obsessed with him ever since the Take That days, Kevin Hart – I would like someone to keep me laughing throughout the night and Henry VIII – I would love to meet him and find out what he was really like in person as there are so many different perceptions of him.