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Alan Barr

Alan Barr

Registry Manager

"If we face a significant issue or problem to surmount Alan will clarify options, doing so in an unfailingly courteous and helpful way. In my experience he is hard-wired to find a workable solution - if there is a solution to be found!"

Mark Beedell, Diocesan Secretary


Alan is a Registry Manager in the Private Client team.

As Registry Manger for the Diocese of Exeter which matches almost exactly the boundaries of the county of Devon, including Torbay and Plymouth, Alan provides legal advice to all connected with the Church of England.

Alan produces all of the legal documents in connection with the ordination and appointment of clergy, and administers the faculty jurisdiction concerning churches and churchyards and the laws relating to marriage and burial. In addition, Alan is the custodian of all the documents in the ownership of these two dioceses and maintains the current records for them.

Recent Experience

  • Advising on several complicated faculty applications involving major re-ordering of the interior of churches, which have met with opposition both from 'heritage bodies' and parishioners. This involved fully understanding the extent of the works and the effect of those works on the building. Alan ensured that all parties understood the process, and kept the applications on track.
  • Assisting on the re-drafting of the Churchyard Regulations that apply in respect of memorials that can be introduced in churchyards in the Diocese of Exeter.

Recent News

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