Agricultural Lore - Winter Edition 2020

Welcome to this Winter edition of Agricultural Lore.

We have progress at last: an Agriculture Bill back on the table with some notable advances; an Environment Bill on its way through the Parliamentary process; and the stagnation of the Brexit decision now behind us. Most welcome are the landlord & tenant proposals, which have been included in this version of the Agriculture Bill, although numerous proposals from the TRIG recommendations of November 2017 remain shelved for the time being. We have also seen a significant step forward with the inclusion of the conservation covenant proposals in the Environment Bill, providing real potential for natural capital arrangements for the future.

In this edition of Agricultural Lore we highlight a wide range of topics from assets of community value to inheritance and on to electronic telecommunications. In a particularly fascinating development Rachel O'Connor and Lydia Robinson report on a Dutch climate change case won by a protest group against the Dutch Government for failing to protect its citizens from the dangerous effects of climate change. It will be interesting to see whether this case inspires similar proceedings in other nations. Closer to home Charlotte Razay reports on our own Court of Appeal success in a recent trusts dispute, which serves as a warning to anyone appointed as a trustee.

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