Vivienne Williams
Posted on 21 Oct 2021

Agricultural Lore - Autumn Edition 2021

Over the last 3 months as the last covid restrictions have lifted, we have noticed a significant upturn in instructions to handle complex restructuring of businesses, property portfolios, farms and rural estates. Apart from providing advice on overall strategy, landowners are also looking at development opportunities and reviewing income from their assets. When development is a real possibility, the right choice of structure needs to be made; sale with overage, option, pre-emption etc; each one involving multiple decisions. Another area of new work involves natural capital assets and as with land development, instructions are wide ranging; from documenting commercial arrangements to drafting contracts and collaborative agreements for new longer term ELMS schemes and biodiversity gain arrangements. In this Autumn edition of Agricultural Lore we cover a wide variety of topics, which range from overage payments to noise nuisance and from seasonal workers to farm business succession and much more.