Trainee Blog: Seat rotations

September is a month of new starts, new terms and, if you're on a training contract, a new seat. This year I'm going into my third seat and it's my turn to be a second year trainee (though it's flown by I still keep looking around to see where the 'actual second years' are). It's exciting and for many people it's the last year of formal training after years of university, postgrad courses and time at work. So I'm taking it as a cause for celebration too!

The process of changing seats is likened to starting a new job, you pack your box up with all your papers and pens (and, in my case all my mugs, mascots and spare shoes too) and head to a new desk on the Monday morning. I've changed departments as well, from Real Estate to Private Client, so it's the chance to meet people on a whole new floor of the building. Apart from the practical things like where everyone is, where the printers are and trying not to walk back to your old desk after a break, there is also the brand new work.

I've dug out my LPC textbook for a bit of revision, but it's not easy to prepare in advance of a new seat, as it's always different in practice. Typically you'll have a handover with the outgoing trainee and a meeting or two with supervisiors to get to grips with current work, but it's always a busy time learning new client names, new forms of documents and new ways of working. The start of the seat means a lot of conversations about how things work, which by the end of the seat will be familiar.

Having got to the end of the last seat and gained in confidence, now things once again seem to take you a long time, or are completely puzzling, but the feeling of it coming together bit by bit stays with you. By third seat you're a bit more familiar with the forwards-backwards-forwards dance that happens as you begin to learn in a new seat.

It's also a chance to work with new people, perhaps with other trainees as well, and I'm looking forward to that too in the busy run up to the end of the year. Time to get new pencils, roll up sleeves and make the most of a fresh start in September!