Trainee Blog- Learning to reflect

Throughout my training contract, I have had multiple opportunities to reflect on my work and more general progression, whether this be in a more formal setting at a seat review or completing my training contract record.

These processes have helped me to understand what my strengths are and what skills I would like to develop further whilst undertaking my training at Michelmores.

Here are some tips for making the most of these opportunities for reflection and development.

Be honest with yourself

Acknowledging what skills you might need to improve on, enables you to ask for opportunities to further these. Michelmores encourages their trainees to undertake additional training when appropriate to develop skills in all areas. It also opens up the opportunity to talk to colleagues who are able to provide you with their experiences and advice.

Acknowledge when something has gone well

There will be times (more often than not!) during your training contract when you are doing a task for the first time or feel unsure about what you are doing. These feelings can lead to not feeling confident and assuming that you are not doing well. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge when a task has gone well or you have noticed that you have improved or learnt a new skill. Completing your training contract record is one way of keeping track of this and is a chance to reflect on the day to day tasks you complete.

Keep your training contract record up to date

Keeping your record up to date enables you to see the progression you are making and the variety of tasks you have undertaken. It allows you to reflect on what skills you have developed and what you have learnt when completing different tasks. By completing this regularly you are also able to see whether there is a type of task you have not yet completed in your seat and speak to your supervisor to try to organise undertaking this. As a trainee at Michelmores you are encouraged to discuss things like this with your supervisor to help you get the most out of your training contract.

Prepare for your seat reviews

Preparing for seat reviews in advance, enables you to make the most of the opportunity to discuss your progress with your supervisor. By thinking in advance of training opportunities you may want to undertake and being ready to take on board any constructive criticism that will help you to develop as a trainee solicitor, ensures that seat reviews are a very useful part of your training.