Thank you, next – learning from rejection

After dusting off several mince pies during the festive period, January offers a different bite by way of vacation scheme and training contract deadlines. Please see previous blog posts here and here for top tips on how to make your applications stand out.

With opportunity also comes disappointment if you are unsuccessful. I, like many other trainees, have had my fair share of rejection. Here are my top tips on how to make the most of misfortune:

  1. Ask for feedback – This will allow you to identify your weaknesses (and strengths) and allow you to build on them.

When rejected from another firm, I was told that I lacked self-belief. To improve this, I sought a paralegal job after graduating. My confidence vastly improved during my time in the role, having to communicate effectively and negotiate on a daily basis with third parties in the insurance sector. I believe acting on feedback clinched my training contract.

  1. Use your support network – See Jack’s previous blog post on this here.
  2. Address any gaps in your CV – analyse your achievements and activities that demonstrate core areas that law recruiters look for such as:
  • intellectual ability;
  • enthusiasm/drive/motivation/resilience;
  • accuracy/attention to detail;
  • teamwork/leadership;
  • commercial awareness; and
  • communication skills

Try to think in depth about what you did, what skills or competencies you had to demonstrate and what you learnt in order to draw out what will be of interest to employers. This way, you can easily highlight strengths whilst addressing any gaps in your CV.

  1. Don’t panic – Not everyone has the perfect path to a training contract. It may not happen in the way you want or expect but trust me, when it does, you will appreciate every hardship it took to get you there.

Don’t give up, you’re closer than you think!