Antony Power
Posted on 18 Sep 2017

Tesco's Bags of Help

We are probably all familiar with the voting tokens that we get when we buy a carrier bag in a branch of Tescos. Well Tesco has just announced that its scheme (known as bags of help in case you wondered) will now be permanently open for applications from schools (amongst others).

You can make an application for any scheme which will improves outdoor spaces or encourages people to use these spaces. Examples of schemes that may receive funding are:

  • developing a community garden,
  • purchasing equipment for a community allotment,
  • forest school sessions, and
  • providing horticultural training for pupils.

Three projects will be selected each month for the main Tesco stores. Customers will be asked to vote for their favourite in the tried and tested way using the coloured tokens. The winning scheme will receive up to £5,000 with the second placed receiving up to £2,000 and the third placed scheme getting up to £1,000.

For more information, please click here.   

This is a great opportunity for schools with an interesting outdoor project because as we know, every little helps!