Sip it, don’t spit it!

The Michelmores annual charity wine tasting event, the first I had helped out at, was an evening of wine tasting, canapé sampling and raucous laughter- especially when near Mr Maynard’s group! Jack and I, as new trainees, were responsible for the canapé circulation. 40 different bottles of wine were available to sample and after negotiating many trays of canapés around the numerous guests, (smoked salmon blini anyone?) Jack and I were told we should try some of the wines too. We didn’t need telling twice!

After studying the impressive list (and discovering Jack knows a bit about wine), we picked a few to try. There were buckets on each table for the wine aficionados to spit the wine into – but what a waste! I can safely say my Cloudy Bay was not resigned to the bucket! This was mainly because it was wonderful and also partly because spitting in front of your boss is surely wrong? I wasn’t the only one avoiding the buckets though as everyone seemed keen to savour the wine, so I was in good company. The wine experts did seem quite surprised by the lack of spitting but I’d say it’s a compliment – I’m sure more people would have been spitting if the wine was terrible! 

The amazing wines weren’t the only focus of the evening, as we were all there to support our chosen charity Families for Children. It was fantastic to raise £­500 for the charity and I was proud to be part of its success. Jack and I are hoping our ability to weave canapés around a packed room will mean we are invited to help out again next year!