Promoting sustainable cities – City Science publishes landmark report

Many UK cities have been through transformative growth in the last ten years and show no signs of slowing down. Our population is flocking, on an unprecedented scale, to sprawling urban areas which account for the vast majority of natural resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Security of energy supply is an essential prerequisite to future economic success and meeting the growing demands of modern cities. However, long term solutions are required that factor in the impact on the environment, housing, services, infrastructure and quality of life. 

A report by City Science has been commissioned by Exeter City Futures to present a road map for achieving an ambitious goal – an energy independent and congestion free city region by 2025. The report pulls together a detailed assessment of Exeter's current and future energy needs and resources, its transport system and the economic impact of a strategic plan for the greater Exeter area. The vision pioneers a model that enshrines sustainability and quality of life at the heart of the city's next phase of growth.

It is a must read for Exeter's citizens and stakeholders, and of interest to anyone who wants to live in a thriving urban centre.

Read City Science's Report