Primary Chain Grant – when it's gone it's gone!

We recently updated our article confirming that the DfE has announced that the Primary Academy Chain Development Grant (PACG) for Primary Schools will now be available until 30 April 2016. There are rumblings that the limited pot of money is running out and once it is gone, it really is gone! 

For those Primary Schools or Multi Academy Trusts looking to secure the PACG, we strongly recommend that applications are made to the DfE as soon as possible so that these are considered at the relevant Headteacher Board (HTB) meetings in March and April. 

Currently, the DfE is working on a four-five week turnaround and academy orders are needed before the PACG can be considered.  Where possible, groups should allow time for any questions raised by the HTB to be addressed and reconsidered at a subsequent HTB meeting before 30 April.  

Our DfE contacts have confirmed the relevant HTB dates:

East of England and North-East London: 17 March, 14 and 29 April;

East Midlands and the Humber: 24 March, 14 and 29 April;

Lancashire and West Yorkshire: 20 April;

South-Central England and North-West London: 17 March, 14 and 29 April;

South-East England and South London: 24 March, 7 and 21 April;

South West England: 21 March, 4 and 18 April;

West Midlands: 24 March, 7 and 21 April.

For more information please contact Lynne Follett-Carman on or 01392 687520