Our Children Their Future

Michelmores is a proud partner and sponsor of the National Primary Heads Association (NPH). We decided to become a partner because we believe that the voice of the primary child and primary teachers struggles to be heard above those of their secondary school colleagues and we think this needs to be addressed. NPH is the voice of the primary child and speaks on all issues related to primary education.

At present, NPH Is running an exciting consultation with the aim of shaping the vision for primary education in the future. It is called, "Our Children Their Future". The consultation comprises six far reaching and thought provoking questions. Each question is only available for response for a limited period of time before the next question becomes available.

The questions are:

  • What will a well-educated eleven year old in the 21st century be like?
  • What do primary-aged children need to know?
  • Where and how do young children learn best?
  • Who helps young children learn best?
  • Who should decide what and how primary-aged children learn?
  • What is stopping us creating a primary education fit for the 21st century?

If you have any interest in the future education of primary aged children you should swing by the Our Children Their Future website at http://www.ourchildrentheirfuture.co.uk/ and add your thoughts to what is already proving a popular consultation.

For further information please contact Antony Power, Partner, in the education team at Michelmores, by telephone on 01392 687713 or by email at antony.power@michelmores.com.