Antony Power
Posted on 10 Jun 2016

New Ofsted head announced

Amanda Spielman has been named as the new head of Ofsted replacing Sir Michael Wilshaw when he steps down later this year. Ms Spielman is currently interim CEO of Ofqual and has had a leading role in developing the academy chain Ark, considered by many to be one of the most successful academy chains.

So what does Ms Spielman bring to the role? Well firstly, and possible controversially, she is not a trained teacher. She started out in corporate banking before becoming involved in mergers and acquisitions and then strategic consulting. She then took an MA in comparative education at the Institute of Education which she says, changed her life.

Her schooling will also not reflect the vast majority of students that her inspectors will be trying to ensure receive a strong education. Starting in a convent school in Scotland she spent most of her secondary education in a small boarding school in Dorset. 

In 2000, she was central to the creation and growth of the Ark Academy which consistently appears in the top rankings of effective academy trusts.

What does shine through when you read about Ms Spielman, is a burning desire to ensure that children receive the best possible education, particularly those who do not have all the advantages that she arguably had. How this will effect what Ofsted do, we will wait to see.