Is it OK for MAT's to join the RPA with only some of their Schools?

Last month, we updated you as to the changes to Risk Protection Arrangements (RPAs) for Academies from September 2016.  In response to my article on the forthcoming changes, we received a query from one of our newsletter readers and felt that it was something worth sharing.

"I have been reading the Michelmores newsletter, and was interested in the RPA article. It states latest guidance includes clarifying the arrangements for MATs to join the RPA where only some of their Academies are able to join in the first instance. Can you expand on this please - is it OK for MAT's to join the RPA with only some of their schools?" David Jenkins, Operations Director

The answer is as follows:

It is OK for MATs to join the RPA with only some of their schools but they must commit to their remaining academies joining as soon as "practically possible".  This later date is likely to be the date on which any commercial insurance the academy is committed to, expires.

The current rules state that the MAT must give "notice" of its intention to join other academies at a later date.  We are advised that a MAT would simply opt in its Academies individually online using the respective URN’s of each Academy. RPA cover will then apply to the central infrastructure of the MAT with effect from the date the first member of the MAT joins RPA.

The DfE does have some questions and answers in relation to the RPA cover which we now have the April 2016 version of if any of our readers would like a copy. 

We are keeping an eye out for the concrete details of what will be "clarified" in the wording of the RPA guidance relating to the September 2016 changes and will update this article as and when we hear more.

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In the meantime if you have any further queries, please contact Lynne Follett-Carman, associate in the Education team on or 01392 687520