Michelmores joins the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance

Michelmores has become the latest corporate member to join the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance − which works to reduce stigma and misconceptions surrounding dementia, by raising local awareness and offering regular dementia information sessions.

The alliance has over 29 members and counting, including Waitrose, Barclays Bank and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

Michelmores will be organising Dementia Friends education sessions to promote awareness and understanding of the issues facing individuals living with dementia − with a view to ensuring that members of staff are sensitive not only to the needs of clients facing a dementia diagnosis but their family and carers as well.

Sarah Hargreaves, Senior Associate and Head of Mental Capacity at Michelmores, said:

"Dementia is a disease which affects an increasing number of individuals, not only the person living with dementia, but also their family, friends and carers.

"At Michelmores, we support a number of clients living with dementia and help them to put in place appropriate arrangements to plan for their futures. 

"We are delighted to join and support the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance initiative which is committed to making Exeter a dementia-friendly city.

Gina Awad, the project lead for Exeter Dementia Action Alliance, said:    

"Achieving such a positive response from the wider community is so encouraging. Our collaborative work and growing membership across the city with organisations will address the needs of people living with a dementia diagnosis and their families. We are delighted to have such a reputable law firm as Michelmores on board and look forward to our future partnership".