Meet the trainee - Naomi Morley

Naomi, originally from Sussex, studied Law at Cardiff University and completed the LPC at Plymouth University. Naomi joined Michelmores in 2014 and is currently in her third seat in the Planning & Environment team, having previously undertaken seats in the Technology, Media and Communications team and the Commercial Litigation team in the firm's London office.

What did you do before starting your training contract?

I was offered my training contract with Michelmores in 2012, two years before the job was due to start. I'd already got the travelling bug out of my system before starting university so instead chose to spend the year after graduating working as a litigation paralegal for Lyons Davidson in Cardiff. 

In the year before starting my training contract I studied the LPC in Plymouth. I did, however, make sure I left enough time to fit in a 'surf camp' in France before starting at Michelmores.

What made you choose Michelmores?

I was first introduced to Michelmores at the Cardiff University law fair when I was a student. For me, a full-service law firm was an important requirement as I was interested in a broad range of legal areas. It sounds strange, but after speaking to a number of very 'showy' firms, I remember getting a really good feeling about Michelmores. 

Michelmores offices are all in great locations: London, Bristol and Exeter. Whilst the head office is in the Exeter, Michelmores acts for some very impressive national and international clients, meaning the quality of the work is by no means diminished by location. Some might argue (and I wouldn't disagree) that fresh air makes for better lawyers!                          

I applied for a vacation scheme at Michelmores and was offered a training contract following a successful week. Everything just seemed to come together.

What's been your best moment so far? 

I spent my first seat in Michelmores London office and absolutely loved it! Michelmores provided me with a flat in Clapham and a railcard so I had a straightforward commute.  

Being based right next to the Royal Courts of Justice, the office on Chancery Lane was the perfect place to undertake a commercial litigation seat. On a number of occasions I had to make applications in person to one of the High Court Masters. More often than not the experience was completely terrifying (on one occasion, I left my shoe behind in the Master's office), but at the same time, it was not something I thought myself capable of doing at that stage in my training so the accomplishment itself was certainly a highlight. 

Outside of the office

I have very athletic parents so I am always trying to make up for the disappointment I must have been when I was younger and thought running was 'uncool'. I am therefore an avid gym user (we have a gym and a personal trainer at the Exeter office) and have recently discovered yoga. I go to a great yoga class with a couple of the NQs here and have finally mastered a headstand! 

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