Meet the Trainee – Harry Cousens

Harry studied Geography at the University of Exeter before going on to complete the GDL at BPP (Waterloo) and the LPC at the University of Law in London. Harry is currently in his first year as a trainee sitting in the South West Transactional Real Estate team.

What did you do before starting your training contract?

Before being offered a training contract at Michelmores, I completed a few short term legal internships both around Devon and in London, which inspired me to pursue a career in the legal sector. However, at the point of the training contract offer, I had only just finished the third year of my Geography degree at the University of Exeter. I must admit that, despite my intuition that I would enjoy a lifetime of law, I had very limited substantive legal knowledge.

Since then, having completed the GDL and LPC at London universities, I have been able to confirm my premonition that I would enjoy legal work. Although intensive, the GDL served as an excellent eye-opener to the core areas of law and I really enjoyed engaging with the legal concepts that the course highlighted. After graduating the LPC the following year, I was very much ready to move back to Devon and start my training contract at Michelmores!

What made you choose Michelmores?

I came across Michelmores initially through the Exeter University Law Fair, where the Firm was very approachable and willing to answer my queries. I was really impressed with the breadth of work that Michelmores takes on, whilst maintaining highly-ranked individual departments across the Firm.

I applied for the Vacation Scheme over that summer which I managed to get accepted on to. During the week, all of the staff were incredibly welcoming and the Firm felt like a really good fit. I could see at a glance that the quality of work Michelmores receives is outstanding and I was delighted to be offered a training contract.

What has been your best moment so far?

Although I have only been at the Firm a short while, I have been a cog (albeit a small one!) in several high value transactions. My personal highlight was taking on the responsibility of explaining the mechanics of a clause in a contract I had researched to the finance director of a large development company over the phone.

I have also been part of the trainee fundraising group, organising the Firm's Christmas Bazaar this year which raised over £2000. This gave me the chance to meet many new colleagues at the Firm. It was a satisfying experience to witness Michelmores' culture of generosity first hand.

Outside of the office

The employees at Michelmores embrace an active lifestyle and I have been trying to follow suit. I took part in the Firm's 5k Charity Run and have joined the in-house gym. I enjoy a wide variety of sports, although these days I can hardly class myself a practising sportsman. My enthusiasm more often manifests itself in the form of animated support in front of a big screen.

I have also recently purchased a guitar in the hope that if the legal career doesn't work out I will be able to rely on a fall back career as an international rock sensation.

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