Living the dream…

Want to be a lawyer?  Ambitious?  Determined?  Surely that means you have to work in London? – think again! 

During my time at the University of Exeter, I fell in love with the South West and in fact, I never wanted to leave.  As a keen surfer and hiker, I relished the lifestyle in this beautiful part of the world.  

However, since my early teenage years I have known that I wanted to be a solicitor, a career choice seemingly completely opposed to continuing with the Westcountry lifestyle I loved.  And so, off I went making half-hearted applications for the largest firms which everyone applies to in London – sound familiar? 

After various internship opportunities in London I knew something wasn't quite right and standing on a beach in Western Australia during my gap year I realised what it was.  I could think of nothing worse than spending the rest of my life in the middle of the big city of London, surrounded by offices and crowds of people (although of course some people love the vibrancy and buzz that this brings).

Then I met Michelmores and other firms with South West offices at a careers event.  After speaking to Michelmores' trainees at the time − probably almost associates by now, I realised that pursuing my dream combination of top quality work and an outdoors lifestyle really was possible. 

After applying to various firms in the Exeter area, I was extremely lucky to be offered a training contract with Michelmores in the Summer of 2012.  After two years of commuting into London from the outskirts and spending four hours on a train a day to study my GDL and LPC, I finally walked through the door of the Exeter headquarters on 3 September.  Every morning when I wake up and drive my six minute commute down a country lane, I remind myself how lucky I am to be here.

The real dream ticket to working at Michelmores is that along with the outdoors lifestyle you get exposure to amazing work − national clients and big deals. This does mean that sometimes you have to work long hours and may not be able to surf every evening, but then there are always the weekends…

And so I leave you with this thought.  You only get one life, so make the most of it.  Don't be pressured into only applying for training contracts at the largest London firms because there really are great opportunities on offer at other firms – and I'm living proof! 

Go on, live the dream.