Every School to be an Academy; It's Official (at last!)

As a Team, we have been trailing the fact that all schools would be forced to become academies by the next election since last May. We have met a range of responses from acceptance followed by action to being told we are only trying to drum up business and scaremongering. One local authority indirectly accused us of this only last week. So, in one sense, we feel vindicated. But what we really hope is that the second part of our message will now be heeded.

Although the Chancellor has referred to all schools being on their way to be academies by the next election, the real message is that schools have less than eighteen months to make their own choices before the choices are made for them. If a school has not chosen its preferred partners in that timescale, it will lose the choice all together. In fact, that choice is already far more limited than it was a year ago so it is fair to expect that in six months' time it will be more limited than now.  

So the message of the budget and the White Paper is, we are rapidly heading towards the point at which maintained schools will no longer decide their own destiny whether they are good schools or not. Now is the last chance to act.

For an impartial and well informed view on what the options are, please get in touch with Antony Power at antony.power@michelmores.com or on 01392 687713