Don’t Look Down

It’s not every day trainees are requested to travel to London to help with marketing events, and it’s even less routine that we are asked to help with a marketing event at the Gherkin. But I was lucky enough to be able to attend such an event.

Last Tuesday Michelmores held a business lunch on the second to top floor of 30 St Mary Axe, London, more commonly known as ‘The Gherkin’. Despite growing up in London I felt spectacularly like a tourist as I teetered around the viewing gallery snapping photos before the guests arrived. Well, not exactly teetering, but my legs did turn to jelly whenever I dared to look down.

After I had ‘checked in’ on most social media platforms the guests started to arrive. I was tasked with ensuring the attendees could easily navigate the lifts (plural!) to the 38th floor, so needless to say I was suffering from a touch of altitude sickness by 1 o’clock having travelled the length of the building on numerous occasions. But this feeling soon disappeared as I enjoyed an apple juice at the top floor restaurant and tried to spot the London landmarks.

The event ran smoothly and, reluctantly, we made our way down to ground level. The excitement of the day had masked my tiredness caused by the 5 a.m. start, but I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep on the train home and, unlike a recent train journey, my mouth stayed firmly closed.