Being a trainee and Business Development…A match made in heaven?

I am sitting in my first seat in the Commercial Property department on a busy Wednesday afternoon pondering what to write about for the ever popular Michelmores trainee blog. I don’t want my first article to be too serious, nor too trivial, so I am going to stick to what I know best and hopefully strike the balance somewhere in the middle.

I have spent the past three years in business development and marketing. Business development I hear you say…isn’t that just a glamorised series of lunches, drinks, events and non-stop client schmoozing? Quite right, it is! However there is an underlying tone of importance in all this fun and frivolity. Not only is developing a business about recognising and acting upon the ever changing needs of your existing clients, but also identifying and understanding new potential clients and the influencing factors in their industries. I think my enjoyment of BD stems from a desire to meet new people and hear their interesting and often quite unexpected stories.

When I joined Michelmores, less than a few months ago, I was both impressed and genuinely inspired by the consistency and strength of one particular message that runs throughout the firm, spearheaded by Andrew Maynard, Client Services Director here at Michelmores. That message is one of ‘Client Shoes’. This emphasises the fact that, as a law firm, we wouldn’t be here without our clients and for this reason alone, we need to truly care about them by putting ourselves in their shoes. As Atticus Finch once said in what is probably my favourite book of all time, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” (The aforementioned book is of course, To Kill a Mockingbird).

Putting ourselves in our clients shoes is a powerful way of adding value.

As a trainee at Michelmores, the possibilities for business development and marketing opportunities are endless, which I am obviously very keen to get involved with and thoroughly enjoying every minute of. This ranges from meeting and greeting at internal events, serving drinks at sector seminars and being thrust into the limelight at networking lunches. This is part and parcel of everyday life as a trainee, and luckily for me, I really am loving it!

The marketing diary is jam-packed full of events, the majority of which trainees are able and actively encouraged to get involved with. If like me, you are from the local area, then these events are an ideal way not only to say hi to many familiar faces, but also a chance to get to meet new people in different areas of business. On the same note, if you are new to the South West, Michelmores offers the perfect opportunity to quickly create a valuable network of business contacts, not to forget having fun in the meantime.

I can honestly say that for me, being a trainee combined with business development opportunities may well be a match made in heaven. I appreciate that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I would encourage everyone in a similar position to grab every such opportunity that comes your way (albeit with an open mind and a taste for champagne)!