Analysing school performance – a summer upgrade

The Department for Education's (DfE) online performance evaluation system, Compare school and college performance, will see the introduction of a new and more focused process in summer term 2017.

RAISEonline, the existing comparison function in the system, is being replaced with a new process, Analysing School Performance (ASP). Like RAISEonline, ASP will be a secure service containing data relating to Key Stages 1, 2, 4 and 5.

What will it do?

According to Babcock Education, key features of ASP include:

  • More data presentation in chart and graph formats
  • Power to grant access to relevant data to third parties
  • Comparison between headline school and pupil data
  • Access to Ofsted inspection dashboards and school performance report summaries

It is expected that headline data will be produced in comprehensive formats allowing for various methods of comparison at institutional and individual levels.

How will it help?

School leaders and governing bodies will expect the new system to refine the process of identifying trends and anomalies. Data on their own are only a starting point in recognising emerging issues, and any statistical process can do no more than assist a governor's understanding of his or her school environment.

It is hoped that ASP will represent an improvement on what has widely been widely acknowledged as the broad-brush approach of Compare school and college performance's existing output for education providers.

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