“Single united School system for Cornwall”: new Regional Schools Commissioner for the South West Region

Rebecca Clark, the newly appointed Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) for the South West region, kicked off the Cornwall Association of Primary Heads (CAPH) conference last Friday at the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay with a rather powerful message: “Academisation is happening.

Despite the recent Academy U-turn last month, Rebecca confirmed that although the legal requirement to convert all Schools to Academy status has been removed, this does not mean that the political requirement or vision has been. It is still a strong intention of Nicky Morgan for all Schools to become an Academy by 2020. 

Rebecca began by sharing her vision of what she believes Cornwall will look like in 2020 – “a single untied School system for Cornwall.” She stated that “we are all responsible to ensure every child is stretched to fulfil their potential” and through “meaningful, impactful collaboration, which has got to be developed through choice and commitment, we have as much to learn from one another.” 

Her approach:

  1. To “secure a system – a wide understanding of the biggest strengths and challenges across the South West to unlock shared responsibility;”
  2. “Performance 100 – first to improve our weakest 25 Schools, intentionally and effectively” (this is one of Rebecca’s main priorities this year);
  3. Develop our collective 2020 vision and then design our delivery.”

Rebecca also reassured small Schools by stating that she is

“absolutely protective of the individuality of each of the Schools and strongly believes that academisation throws a lifeline to small rural Schools – through Multi-Academy Trusts and collaboration, this will keep small Schools alive!” 

Rebecca’s passionate and positive flair in support of designing a “coherent South West School system” will include some Primary, some National and some all through Multi-Academy Trusts.

“We must not be scared or worried about National Trusts when intentionally designing the Cornish Schools system.”

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