MAINstream Pitch and Drinks Event - September 2022

Thursday, 22 September, 2022 - 16:00
Winslade Manor, Winslade Park Avenue
Manor Drive, Clyst St Mary

Applications for this event have closed.

MAINstream is a network for business angel investors established by Michelmores in 2019 to help accelerate the growth of angel investing in the region. 

If you are interested in joining the network and attending our events please email for further details.

We hold around six pitch events a year where high-growth early-stage companies will be invited to present their businesses to members of the network.

Applicant companies are shortlisted by an investor selection panel and four businesses will be invited to pitch.

Each business will get around ten minutes to pitch followed by questions from the investors.

We normally expect around ten investors to attend each pitch event, but this will vary depending on availability and interest in particular applicant companies.

Following the pitch, if applicants are in agreement, a copy of the presentations and contact details, are shared with the whole network (currently 45 members). 

The MAINstream team are always on hand to answer any questions, but at this stage we leave the investors to follow up directly with the organisations of interest to them.

The pitch event will start at 16:00 and end at 18:00. We will then be providing drinks and canapés for the remainder of the evening. 

OnCharge believe that decarbonising vans matters most. They work with leading van fleets to charge the 70% of their fleet that can’t home-charge overnight. This radically improves productivity, saving drivers 200 hours/year waiting at a chargepoint. When not charging vans, their batteries provide grid flexibility, storing & deploying renewable electricity. 

Their CEO, Phil, has spent 20 years designing ventures across the energy and financial services sectors. An early advocate of electric vehicles, he wanted to play a part in accelerating the transition to EV’s. He spent 6 months interviewing leaders across the market, which surfaced the problem and validated the scale of the opportunity.

They are hoping to achieve the £20bn spent annually on diesel for vans is spent on electricity instead. 

  • This value pool is up for grabs, and they want to capture our fair share.
  • They want to use abundant overnight renewables and to strengthen, not weaken the grid
  • They want to ensure that drivers don’t pay the price for doing the right thing.

Home buying takes 5-6 months. The data that underpins the market is a mess. Poor data, in terms of sourcing and managing it, leads to preventable delays and duplication of work. They process “search” data nationally, all the time, to maintain a live property database. They call this “Know Your Property” (KYP).

Their CEO Henry Crosby has been building the next generation of geospatial property databases and machine learning algorithms for 10 years. Then 4 years ago he bought a house. It took 6 months from offer to completion. He had no idea what was going on, or why it was taking so long, and to make it worse, he was low-balled by the buyer after 4 months. Henry looked at the searches, and noticed that over 80% of the information was already instantly available in the SaaS platforms that he had previously built the infrastructure for (in parallel markets).

They want property lawyers to do law! They want repetitive processing of non-legal activities to be automatic. They want 48 hour home buying.

They envisage a world where a home buying legal pack is created instantly and automatically, to enable a lawyer to review it, rather than creating it from scratch each time.

Rowdy Kind is the world's first truly sustainable health and body care for kids. They provide the performance and quality of a premium bottle of body wash, shampoo and conditioner, but zero plastic. They make a solid bar of 98% active ingredients, with zero water and fillers.

Rowdy Kind was founded in 2020 after a simple question from the founder's child in the bath: "Mum, why are we using plastic bottles at bath time if we know they are so bad?"  It was a great question, and one it turned out there wasn't a great answer to.  When they couldn't find a solution that ticked all the boxes in the market they decided they'd have to solve the problem themselves - Rowdy Kind was born.

Rowdy Kind's ambition is to make bath time sustainable. They will achieve their ambition by :

  • Expanding their footprint to offer a sustainable option across all children's health and body care categories
  • Making their products available across all channels and retailers where parents purchase children's health and body care products.
  • Maintaining their values of supporting the emotional and physiological well-being among parents and children, preventing "climate futility" 

Binit is a next generation, tech-led waste and recycling super broker. Binit provides a smart, responsive waste and recycling service using data, analytics and a unique collection network. Binit owns bins and lets anyone empty them. This gives us access to the most flexible, and largest fleet in the country.

Binit CEO didn’t get into uni first time round, which was a bit of a shock. In their enforced gap year they were lucky enough to work on a project in Costa Rica, working with leatherback turtles which were under threat at the time from poachers, and more importantly, plastic waste in the sea.

This was literally a life-changing event for them, firing a passion for environmentalism. But after more than 15 years in the waste industry they became frustrated with the slow pace of change and services that felt as if they no longer fitted business needs.

The funding round would allow Binit to rollout hardware in field trials, rebuild their software and expand nationwide. Their are looking for financial investment, but also support from those who can help them at this next exciting stage as they scale.

If you wish to apply please complete the below application forms and send along with your pitch deck to

  1. Applicant Submission Form
  2. Company Application Form