MAINstream Pitch Event - May 2022

Thursday, 5 May, 2022 - 16:30
Hotel Du Vin
Magdalen Street

Event Overview

MAINstream is a network for business angel investors established by Michelmores in 2019 to help accelerate the growth of angel investing in the region. We hold around 6 pitch events a year where high-growth early-stage companies will be invited to present their businesses to members of the network.

Applicant companies are shortlisted by an investor selection panel and 3 businesses will be invited to pitch. Each business will get around 10 minutes to pitch followed by questions from the investors. We normally expect around 10 investors to attend each pitch event, but this will vary depending on availability and interest in particular applicant companies. Following the pitch, if applicants are in agreement, a copy of the presentations and contact details, are shared with the whole network (currently 45 members).  The MAINstream team are always on hand to answer any questions, but at this stage we leave the investors to follow up directly with the organisations of interest to them.

If you are interested in joining the network and attending our events please email for further details.


Upcoming Event

We look forward to hosting our next MAINstream Pitch Event at Hotel du Vin in Exeter on Thursday 5 May

We received 12 strong applications but are delighted to confirm the following businesses will be pitching: 

Data Duopoly

  • Tell us about your business in 50 words?

Data Duopoly is building the "waze" for people in venues, using data and AI.  We incentivise visitors to explore and we gather powerful data insights to shape a venues’ future.  In the future, we will help people explore any venue worldwide.

  • How did it all start?

We met almost 3 years ago, bringing our data-driven and creative mindsets together to solve a problem in the industry. Tanuvi, being a Chartered Accountant from EY and a Cambridge University graduate having read Economics is unabashedly obsessed with data. Erin, being an award winning film director, winning the Miami Jewish Short Film Festival in 2018 with Strings, is the creative visionary. We saw that spaces are disconnected and there is a lack of data on how people interact with a space. Visitors find it hard to know about on-site offerings and venues lose revenue as a result. Data Duopoly’s XplorIT solution was created to solve this with our custom navigation and personalised incentives to “nudge” people away from the busy areas. We create connected spaces.

  • What are you looking to achieve?

We are iterating our prediction element to build a more accurate picture of where the next “busy” area will be at a venue, to help with real-time staff allocation and operational planning. We are backed by the European Space Agency and we are using downstream satellite data in a new way to create custom routing for venues. We use the principles of behavioural economics, and “nudge” people away from the busy areas. Ultimately, we connect people with spaces!






  • Tell us about your business in 50 words?

Encortec have developed energy harvesting technologies for use in remote condition monitoring of equipment and infrastructure. Current focus is in the rail industry monitoring the condition of rail tracks, and in the industrial sector monitoring rotating machinery. We’re partnered with Network Rail on track monitoring and with Babcock on industrial equipment.

  •  How did it all start?

Professor Meiling Zhu has been leading the Energy Harvesting Research Group at the University of Exeter for 8 years. She has raised almost £12 million in research grants to progress her research to the stage where it is now ready for introduction to real world applications in multiple industries worldwide.  Encortec is a newly formed spin out company to commercialise applications for this world leading technology.

  • What are you looking to achieve?

We are seeking to raise seed financing to help fund the industrial development process we have started to achieve regulatory approval for our two main core products in the rail and in the industrial sectors.  This approval will enable our commercialisation vision to be realised.


  • Tell us about your business in 50 words?

Tailwise is a platform connecting new dog owners with responsible breeders and rehoming groups.

  • How did it all start?

Sam Worthy, CEO & Founder, set up the business after he experienced first-hand the broken dog homing process (he nearly purchased my own first dog via a puppy farmer).

  • What are you looking to achieve?

We're on a mission to solve the broken dog homing process by becoming the go to platform for responsible breeding and dog ownership. Right now we are raising seed investment and I would like angel investors who share our vision to join us in this investment round.

Peninsula Medical Technologies 

  • Tell us about your business in 50 words?

Peninsula Medical Technologies Ltd. (PenMed) is a medical device company focused on the design, development and manufacture of technologies that improve the safety and outcomes of patients in the critical care environment. PenMed works in partnership with Swagelok Bristol under a shared service agreement which provides critical infrastructure and facilities.

  • How did it all start?

PenMed was born out of the Covid 19 pandemic and the race to build lifesaving and life-sustaining ventilators as part of the UK ventilator challenge. PenMed collaborated with Swagelok (Bristol) to design, develop and build 200 devices in response to the challenge in 4 months reaching the final and received Government recognition for our contribution. Our current R&D programme is focussed on the development of the P3, a modular ventilator and anaesthesia device that performs the role of 4 different devices and enables advanced data driven analytics.

  • What are you looking to achieve?

Our traction in the UK ventilator challenge has been mirrored in our progress with the development of the P3 which has reached TRL 5 in 20 months. This has been achieved through founder investment and non-dilutive grants. We are now looking to secure a seed investment raise to support the next phases of the project to enter the detail design phase to produce a pre-commercial prototype leading to clinical evaluation. We want to connect with investors who recognises the opportunity to disrupt this marketplace and can contribute to our success and the commercial realisation of the P3

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Please note that applications for this event are now closed. 


Interested in applying?

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