MAINstream Pitch Event - 28 June 2022

Tuesday, 28 June, 2022 - 09:30
Woodwater House
Pynes Hill

Applications for this event has closed.

MAINstream is a network for business angel investors established by Michelmores in 2019 to help accelerate the growth of angel investing in the region. 

If you are interested in joining the network and attending our events please email for further details.

We hold around 6 pitch events a year where high-growth early-stage companies will be invited to present their businesses to members of the network.

Applicant companies are shortlisted by an investor selection panel and 3 businesses will be invited to pitch.

Each business will get around 10 minutes to pitch followed by questions from the investors.

We normally expect around 10 investors to attend each pitch event, but this will vary depending on availability and interest in particular applicant companies.

Following the pitch, if applicants are in agreement, a copy of the presentations and contact details, are shared with the whole network (currently 45 members). 

The MAINstream team are always on hand to answer any questions, but at this stage we leave the investors to follow up directly with the organisations of interest to them.

If you wish to apply please complete the below application forms and send along with your pitch deck to

  1. Applicant Submission Form
  2. Company Application Form


Molendotech develops rapid assay technology for pathogen detection applied to water, food and healthcare. Our in situ rapid testing technology has already seen sales in the water market with a healthy sales pipeline and we are currently developing assays for the food testing market and applications to healthcare diagnostics. 

Molendotech was spun out of the  University of Plymouth in 2018 based on the research of Professor Simon Jackson and supported by an Innovate UK grant. The company owns its IP and achieved investment to start its laboratory based in Brixham, Devon to develop the technology.  Through our research we aim to provide innovative solutions to safeguard a sustainable environment and protect human health. Our ethos is to protect the environment and human health by developing rapid, easy-to-use assays to detect pathogens, in situ, by non-specialist staff. T



Lateral is an EIS qualified,  B2B SaaS company automating collections for both businesses and government.  Debt is on the rise, creating a bigger need for automation and intelligence -- Lateral’s proprietary Decision Engine offers more automation than its competitors.  Currently at £340k in ARR with a pipeline of over £1m.

We plan on getting to at least $50m in ARR or 1%  market share of this $4.6 Bn debt collection software market, while disrupting collections with a more automated and empathetic solution than any other competitor using AI -- drastically cutting costs while improving performance. 

WorkTrippTM is a community marketplace for booking team offsites - focusing on collective experience, leadership and learning - not just logistics. We provide tools to help companies to set their goals, discover and book quality venues, coaches, facilitators and speaker, and keep information and impact-data in one place.  

Our mission is to help all teams, from high-growth startups to well-established corporates, to get-together, enjoy work and be productive.

We aim to drive £2m+. revenue by end-2024, and become a £125m revenue company by end-2027, helping over 2000 customers to retain and develop their top talent and have fun in the process. 

Clothes Doctor is a clothing care brand, offering a range of innovative solutions – premium eco-friendly detergents, clothing care products and repair services - to address the huge social issue of fashion pollution and waste. We bring a slice of pleasure to our customers’ laundry day and help them extend the life of their clothes. 

It all started when I worked in the City and used to love shopping for clothes. My wardrobe got overfilled and I began to look into what would happen to my garments after I'd finished with them. I realised then that the fashion industry is/was almost entirely linear, and that most of these items would just end up in landfill, even if I took them to a charity shop. That was when my interest in circular fashion began, and shortly after that I quit my job to start Clothes Doctor.