Business Bites: Brand reputation

Tuesday, 31 October, 2017 - 08:00
Woodwater House
Pynes Hill

Brand reputation – dealing with gossip, fake news and copycats

The injunction, rare in its use, is seen as the premise of the rich and famous to protect their reputation and privacy.

However, the harm caused by damaging material published online is not limited to the likes of celebrities. In a commercial world, where damaging sound bites can go viral in seconds, sending reputations and share values in a downward spiral, we explore the options open to businesses to deal with and prevent false information being published online.

We look at the legal and practical steps required for the removal of damaging information and consider the cost and benefit to the business of doing so.

We also look at ways to protect your hard earned brand reputation from being exploited by others who seek to capitalise on your name and brand. We will provide a refresher on the key Intellectual Property (IP) rights available to you, bring you up to speed on the issues we routinely see, and offer guidance on mitigating legal risks and how to initially deal with IP issues as they arise.

The seminar will be delivered informally and we welcome your interaction with ourselves and other attendees throughout.

About this seminar

This seminar will broadly enable you to:

  • understand your legal rights and our recommended methods for removing damaging material published about you and your company
  • understand the risks of and how to avoid publishing defamatory material about others
  • understand general legal defences open to you, should you be accused of publishing damaging material
  • consider strategies to protect your business from disgruntled employees who publish damaging information on social media
  • understand the legal route to obtaining the identity of the online unknown bloggers
  • understand how you can use copyright, data protection and harassment law to assist with the removal of damaging material from social media
  • understand how you can make the most of your IP  rights to protect your brand reputation from being hijacked by others
  • assess how your organisation can avoid common pitfalls and identify how and when to take action for IP infringement against competitors or defend actions against you
  • consider the value of your legal rights and when to deploy them

This seminar will be delivered by Jayne Clemens and Charlotte Bolton.