Fisheries Protection

I have always found that the lawyers in this firm are of a very high quality. Their ability to empathise with their clients is very strong, and the resources of the firm as a whole are such that almost without exception they will have a specialist on the subject that you need support with.

Chambers 2018

The single most competent agricultural law firm in the country.

Chambers 2018

Andrew Oldland KC is one of the UK’s leading fisheries enforcement lawyers.

Andrew has worked extensively for the UK’s fisheries enforcement agencies including the Marine Management Organisation and its predecessor the Marine & Fisheries Agency.

Andrew provides lectures and seminars to other lawyers and fisheries agencies on enforcement issues.

We are able to respond at very short notice to secure the release of arrested or detained fishing vessels, either by negotiating a bond with the MMO or by taking proceedings in the magistrates’ court to obtain orders for their release.

We provide the highest quality legal advice from the moment issues arise and continuity of representation throughout an investigation and the legal process.