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Medical Negligence

Our specialist team of medical negligence solicitors is dedicated to making sure that you receive the compensation you need after negligent treatment. Several of our lawyers are former clinical professionals with years of practical medical experience, giving us the edge in securing the best possible outcome for you.

  • Securing seven-figure settlements for several young adults who suffered serious brain injury during cardiac surgery as children. Laurence Vick is a nationally-recognised specialist in child heart surgery claims, and is representing parents of children who died or were injured at Bristol and Leeds child heart units. An NHS England inquiry into the failings at Bristol is currently underway. Read more.
  • Securing six-figure damages for a client who suffered serious abdominal and gynaecological damage following bowel surgery. Read more.
  • Representing mothers and children in complex birth and maternal injury claims. Former paediatric nurse Bernadette McGhie is a specialist in birth and maternal injury, and is known for her ability to succeed in difficult cases. Read more.
  • Sponsoring charity Baby Lifeline's Birth2UK masterclass on cardiotocograph monitoring on 11 May. Read more.
  • Contributing to the debate on important medico-legal issues arising from the treatment of sports injury, including cardiac testing of young sportsmen and women. Read more.
  • The team is actively involved with charities and other interest groups, promoting patient safety and highlighting issues such as the risks of unchecked NHS Outsourcing and the indemnity position of healthcare providers working on NHS contracts. Read more.


"They manage to balance the fact that although they are a large firm, you feel special and important to them in a way you would imagine only a small firm could provide. You do not feel like a 'case' but a family in desperate need of expert help, and they do not disappoint."
Chambers 2017

"A very respected firm indeed and a good team." 
Chambers 2016

Client Feedback

"I was very glad I had a strong team representing me, who never gave up and who always believed in my case – because of that, we succeeded! I am forever grateful to Michelmores for helping me to lead an independent life. [Bernadette]"

Morwenna Ganz

Morwenna Ganz
Michelmores' Bernadette McGhie secures High Court victory against 2 London GPs for brain damage suffered by young woman when she was a teenager Morwenna Ganz, now 25 and living with her parents in the USA became ill during December 1999.  She visited her GP's surgery in Teddington several times, and during a visit to Dr Childs on 18 December she was told she was suffering from a viral illness....

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