Louisa Ghevaert is featured by The Independent - UK citizens are the most likely in Europe to go abroad to find a surrogate mother

Britons are more likely than other Europeans to enter into a foreign surrogacy arrangement to have a baby. The data was compiled by Families Through Surrogacy, a non-profit organisation, which is holding an international conference on surrogacy in London on 21 March 2015.

Increasing numbers of infertile straight couples and gay men and women are resorting to commercial surrogacy arrangements abroad to help them have a baby.

Although surrogacy is becoming a more common way for Britons to build their family, the message from the English Family Court and the UK Foreign Office remains consistent: expert legal advice should be sought for the successful navigation of the complex legal issues associated with surrogacy; particularly international surrogacy arrangements.

Surrogacy can be a wonderful way to build a family, but intended parents should obtain legal advice as early in the process as possible to avoid the legal pitfalls and protect their much wanted family.

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