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Asbestos Claims


When it comes to asbestos claims, we are able to claim the statutory compensation due to you, as well as handling the claim against your employers. We can also assist in challenging any decision regarding continuous care arrangements.

Kevin Finneran is a senior solicitor with Michelmores' Asbestos Litigation Team. He also has extensive experience as a clinical negligence and personal injury litigator, and has successfully represented clients in multimillion-pound claims.

He says:

'Asbestos exposure has had a devastating effect on the lives of tens of thousands of ordinary workers and their families,' he says, 'and not enough has been done in terms of supporting victims and their families. We try to ensure that negligent employers meet their duty to their former workers; our main aim is that our clients are compensated, so that they can make the most of their lives and support their families.'

Making a Claim with Michelmores' Specialist Asbestos Litigation Team

We understand that being diagnosed with an illness of this kind is a traumatic experience, which is why we are committed to achieving the best results for our clients as quickly as possible.

We will work to secure the right level of compensation for sufferers of asbestos-related illness and their families. Our team has extensive legal and medical expertise, with a history of success in high-profile cases.

Asbestos in the UK

Because it was so versatile, asbestos was used widely in the building process, although currently the most common sources of asbestos claims are from those who worked in premises containing the material.

Some schools and even hospitals contain asbestos lagging on pipes, or insulation and fireproofing measures that used the material. Asbestos was also used in car brake pads.

However, people from all walks of life can potentially have been exposed to asbestos. This includes those who lived with, or came into contact with, people who worked around asbestos - so-called 'dad's overalls' cases, where families were exposed to asbestos fibres on homecoming workers' clothes.

How we can help

You can read more on asbestos and claims for asbestos injury in our information and guides

If you would like to discuss a claim relating to asbestos related illness, you can contact us for free, discreet and impartial advice on 0800 0730140.

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