Equestrian Litigation - Medical Negligence Solicitors

Assessing the basis for an equestrian claim requires a detailed knowledge of the conventions and practices in horse-riding events. Many of these claims involve complex, high-value issues, and can be difficult to establish. Advice from a lawyer with extensive experience of equine activities can be the difference between success or failure in a case.

We provide advice on all aspects of equestrian litigation, whether you have suffered a loss or are being pursued regarding a claim.

How We Can Help

Our personal injury team includes former clinical professionals now practising as lawyers, with extensive experience in general and other specialist areas of nursing, as well as neurophysiotherapy. We work with the best barristers and medical experts, and have a history of success in complex, high-value cases.

We offer a free initial discussion to talk through your issue, offer our opinion and guide you through the options available.

If you would like to discuss a claim relating to equine litigation, you can contact us for free, discreet and impartial advice on 0800 0730140.

Equine Injury

The inherent dangers in horse-riding can be lessened by taking proper cautions. However, if things go wrong, the consequences can be significant.

Some examples of injuries arising from horse-riding include:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Occupier's liability, including injuries sustained on bridleways and public roads
  • Failure of another rider to control his/her horse; injuries arising from kicking, bolting and spooking and claims arising under the Animals Act 1971
  • Claims against riding stables and livery yards; provision of an inappropriate horse for a rider of particular ability

Who to Contact Regarding Personal Injury Matters

For personal injury enquiries, please contact the Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury team on 0800 073 0140.

Contractual Disputes

It is better to get things right before any kind of agreement is entered into. Where things do go wrong, it is often advisable to contact a solicitor with an intimate understanding of the equestrian context.

Examples of general equestrian litigation include:

•Sale of horses

•Loan/loan-with-view-to-buy contracts


Who to Contact regarding Contractual Disputes

We work closely with our Dispute Resolution team to handle contractual or agricultural matters.

For issues including agricultural elements, such as disputes over stables or other agricultural property, please contact Philip Wolfgang.