The Perils of Cosmetic Surgery/Medical Tourism

Michelmores' Clinical Negligence Partner Laurence Vick's article 'The Perils of Cosmetic Surgery/Medical Tourism' has been published today in the Royal Society of Medicine Clinical Risk journal.

The article contains a summary of the case won by Laurence Vick and team member Alison Starkey against the Elyzea clinic in Brussels, Belgium concerning a face lift cosmetic surgery operation. Relying on a number of factors connecting the arrangements for the surgery to the UK, Laurence was able to secure jurisdiction in the English courts. The claim resulted in an award of £113,000 plus costs.  

In the second part of the article Laurence covers the legal and jurisdictional aspects of medical tourism.  In warning of the 'perils' of this new tier of healthcare provision he identifies the difficulties the medical tourist faces if a medical procedure carried out at a foreign clinic goes wrong.  From his experience of handling a number of similar cases he addresses some of the key issues raised by medical tourism including accreditation and regulation, EU implications and the complex ethical questions.

Laurence is legal advisor to two medical tourism research projects: the York University project currently investigating in-bound and out-bound medical tourism and the implications for the NHS and the Leeds University/Australian research project 'Sun, Sea, Sand and Silicone - Aesthetic Surgery Tourism in the UK and Australia'.  

To read the article in full, please click here.