Michelmores Partner is Times Lawyer of the Week

An acclaimed Exeter based clinical negligence lawyer has been named as The Times Lawyer of the Week.

Michelmores Laurence Vick achieved national acclaim for his work on behalf of the Bristol Heart Children Action Group at Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry.

54 year-old Vick is currently taking on US pharmaceutical companies on behalf of a couple who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion.

 A US judge ruled that the cases should be heard in the UK and writs against the US pharmaceutical companies have now been issued in the UK. 

Laurence Vick said: "Getting these lead cases ready to be issued to a tight deadline dictated by the US courts involved a lot of liaising with the clients' previous attorneys (working on Pacific time in San Francisco) and much grappling with the corporate structures of these pharmaceutical giants." 

"The pharmaceutical companies were driven by commercial profit and it is only right that my clients will have redress against them. However, others, whose paramount concern should have been patient safety, also bear responsibility for this scandal."

"It is a credit to those victims who have had to use every ounce of their being to fight their cause, but they really have been doubly wronged in having to fight so hard for redress after having been avoidably infected with life-threatening viruses."