Care Costs Claims - Medical Negligence Solicitors

People with long-term care needs may be eligible to access a range of care options, but sometimes do not receive the funding they are entitled to.

The question of who pays for care has become increasingly complicated in recent years. The thresholds between different eligibility requirements are often complex and unpredictable.

Disputes can arise where it is difficult to say whether a a person's 'primary' need is healthcare-related or additional to healthcare. If a patient's primary need is a healthcare need, then the NHS may be responsible for funding that care. Where a patient's primary need is for social care, the Local Authority may assist with fees on a means-tested basis.

How We Can Help

If you feel that you, or a member of your family, are eligible for state-funded healthcare either at home or in residential/care environment, we can assist with:

  • Making retrospective claims for funding from 1 April 2013;
  • Requesting current assessments from GPs and social workers; or
  • Appealing negative eligibility decisions.

We offer a free initial discussion to talk through your issue, offer our opinion and guide you through the options available.

You can also read more on the process for appealing rejected decisions on retrospective Continuing Health Care funding

Our team is made up of medical negligence specialists, and includes several former clinical professionals now practising as lawyers. We use our expertise and experience to bring about the best results for claimants, and we are known for our compassionate approach.

We assist clients with care cost claims across the country, operating out of our offices in Exeter, Bristol and London. We are able to make home visits where appropriate.