Laurence Vick
Posted on 21 Nov 2013

Luke Jenkins Inquest Conclusion

Inquest concludes after 2 weeks with no-neglect decision

The inquest into the death of young Luke Jenkins has concluded, with the Coroner holding that there had not been a gross failure of care at the hospital where he died.

Michelmores' Laurence Vick, representing the family, had this to say on their feelings and the next steps to be taken:

'The family feel that some of their questions were answered, although some were not. Concerns remain, not least the part played in Luke's death by staffing deficiencies, issues already identified by the Care Quality Commission and acknowledged in the Root Cause Analysis.

'There is also the fact that the department lacked a High Dependency Unit, which they now know is a standard requirement in a paediatric cardiac unit.

'The family were grateful to the Coroner for her detailed investigation of the facts. Although they feel that she might have gone further, this decision was clearly within her powers and, in the exercise of those powers, she did not make any finding of fault on the part of the Trust.

'The family will now be pursuing a claim through the courts, which will include issues in relation to the trauma suffered by the parents. This is particularly the case for Luke's father Stephen, who remained too ill to attend the Inquest.'

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