Laurence Vick speaks to the Bristol Post's Louis Emanuel Negligence

Laurence Vick speaks to the Bristol Post's Louis Emanuel

Speaking in the aftermath of the Sean Turner and Luke Jenkins Inquests, the families' solicitor Laurence Vick has spoken of his concern that the lessons of the Bristol Royal Inquiry had not been learnt.

Laurence feels that, as had been the case in the early 1990s, the child cardiac unit was 'not fully prepared for the complexity of the surgery [it was] undertaking and the subsequent care requirements.'

He also highlighted the role of whistleblowers in both scandals: after the recent Jenkins inquest, an internal report which had been withheld by the Trust was leaked to the family by an anonymous employee; in addition, according to a Care Quality Commission report on the unit, staff had also made ten internal expressions of concern in seven months, but these had not been escalated by senior management.

Staffing shortages and other care failings, and the lack of a high-dependency unit, are due to fall under further scrutiny as five more Bristol inquests go before the coroner. More families have since come forward with concerns about their children's care.

You can read the Bristol Post feature on Laurence's concerns about the Bristol failings here.

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