Bristol Child Heart Death - Surgeons 'Had no Experience of Baby's Rare Double Heart Condition'

Bristol Child Heart Inquest – Joseph Lake

An Inquest into the death of a baby boy has concluded, with issues raised over availability of beds and referral practices. These are themes that have arisen in the series of Inquests into child fatalities at Bristol Children's Hospital, and it also emerged that the Bristol surgeons had no experience of carrying out the complex procedure the patient required.

Laurence Vick, the solicitor representing the families in these Inquests, spoke to the Bristol Post on the developing picture of failings at the heart unit:

On behalf of the parents of Joseph, our focus is on the wider issues concerning the responsibility of heart units nationally to share information and to ensure resources are available to treat a child, as here, with a rare complex condition 

We're seeking opinions from independent experts on Joseph's prospects had Birmingham accepted him for surgery. This was primarily a national system failure and a failure to get resources to Birmingham to put them in a position to conduct this operation in which they have particular which Birmingham has major expertise but had no bed available. There are also concerrns over Bristol, where the family know doctors were doing their best but without expertise in this operation.

Laurence and his team are nationally recognised as experts in child cardiac surgery claims.

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