Asbestos Update: MP Criticizes Mesothelioma Bill

MP says insurers, not asbestos victims, will benefit under the new scheme

The Government's Mesothelioma Bill, which aims to introduce a new scheme compensating sufferers of the disease who are unable to make a claim against their former employers, has been attacked by a Southampton MP.

Labour's Alan Whitehead echoed his party's criticisms of the bill:

The scheme will only make payments to those diagnosed after July 2012, leaving many sufferers without redress

Only those suffering from mesothelioma will benefit from the scheme, excluding all other sufferers of asbestos-related injury

The maximum payout under the scheme will only amount to 75% of the award that a sufferer could receive from a legal claim against their former employer

You can read the Daily Echo article on criticism of the Mesothelioma Bill here.

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