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An incorrect diagnosis, or a failure to diagnose at all, can have serious consequences. A patient may miss out on vital treatment, undergo procedures which are unnecessary, and have their health placed in danger. Misdiagnosis can be fatal, and knowing that the injury might have been avoided can make this particularly distressing for patients, friends and family.

Diagnosis the process is at the very heart of medicine - therefore, the risk of misdiagnosis is present in all practice areas and cuts across all specialist medical fields. Misdiagnosis covers two scenarios:

  • where a diagnosis was made that no reasonable doctor could have made, and subsequent treatment caused damage
  • where an original diagnosis should have been reconsidered at a later date because of further evidence or new developments

Where misdiagnosis has resulted in further damage, we may be able to assist in securing the compensation you need. Our specialist team are sensitive, efficient and thorough, and we have a particular history of success in misdiagnosis claims.

How We Can Help

We offer a free initial discussion to talk through your issue, offer our opinion and guide you through the options available. Our team includes former clinical professionals now practising as lawyers, giving us the detailed medical knowledge to fully investigate your claim and secure the level of compensation you need.

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Wrong Diagnosis

Mistaking one condition for another can lead to inappropriate treatment. This could mean that an illness is underestimated, exposing the patient to harm, or that very dramatic treatment is applied for less serious conditions. Some examples of wrong diagnosis are:

  • Serious infections such as meningitis mistaken for flu or pneumonia
  • Serious spinal injury being missed and allowed to develop
  • Mistaken cancer diagnosis leading to unnecessary surgery or therapy
  • Incorrect prescription medication worsening a condition
  • Incorrect amputation of limbs or removal of organs

Missed diagnosis

In some cases, a condition can be missed altogether. Some examples of this include:

  • Bone fractures, muscular or orthopaedic injury
  • Cancer
  • Serious infection
  • Damage to internal organs

In both incorrect and missed diagnosis, doctors may be liable if they have failed to consider certain key factors relating to your condition. Junior doctors are expected to perform to the same standards as their supervisors, and so a mistake by an inexperienced doctor can also lead to a claim for compensation.