Michelmores Charity Run – Training Tips

Are you thinking of entering this year's Charity Run in aid of Families for Children? If you are new to running, take a look at our top ten training tips below. 

  • Train for your distance; it's 5k so no need for half marathons here
  • Get your nutrition right - plenty of small digestible carby meals pre race
  • Make sure you are sleeping properly! This will help your recovery
  • Hit some hills, at least once a week - it's the hardest part of any race so you will be well prepared 
  • Build up your distance: if you're a beginner, start with what you can handle and build up gradually
  • Keep hydrated - one of the biggest culprits for fatigue is dehydration so make sure you drink enough!
  • Invest in good footwear; see a specialist and get the right pair
  • Think about your training routes. Find some motivating training routes that are similar in distance to the run
  • Be consistent; you simply have to keep exercising to maintain and improve fitness. If you don't use it, you will lose it! 
  • Challenge yourself... It's the only way to get better and break through a plateu, so don't give up!

Tips provided by James Richards BSc (HONS), personal trainer