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Connect2Law is the UK's leading legal referral and support network. Operated by law firms for law firms.CostController

Connect2Law is a free, mutually beneficial referral and support network for law firms.

As a member firm, if you are unable to carry out a particular matter for your client, you can refer this work without the risk of losing your client, enabling your clients can access a full range of legal services.

In addition to this, Connect2Law offers a whole range of support services.

Founded in 2001, there are now over 2000 member firms and 20 'hubs' across the UK. Hub firms support Connect2Law members within a particular region of the UK.

Michelmores is the hub firm for Devon and Cornwall.

For a full list of regional hub firms, see the Connect2Law website.

Benefits of joining Connect2Law:

  • A free CPD training programme available to all your lawyers
  • Access to CostController, a legal buying group saving you on average 20% on your core overheads
  • Written non-poaching agreement ensuring that you retain your client
  • Access to our lawyers and management team, to bounce ideas off or talk through issues
  • A fee share on all accepted matters (provided the matter is not publicly funded)
  • Assistance with marketing, including free LinkedIn training, bespoke newsletters and website design
  • Free enquiry line
  • Bespoke Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme
  • Exclusive Lexcel product
  • Consultancy

For further information, please visit or telephone 0845 112 0027.


"As a small but long-established High Street firm concentrating on residential property, probate and trust-related work, it has been a great advantage and comfort to us to be able to draw upon the experience and expertise of Michelmores as a Connect2Law hub firm, for guidance and advice upon matters where we feel we might be 'out of our depth'. We are able to refer clients with the confidence of knowing that they will be well looked after, while retaining their connections with us. We can thus provide our clients with a wider service without fear of losing them, whilst giving us the peace of mind that comes from the avoidance of 'dabbling'. There have been additional benefits such as seminars upon useful topics, with opportunities for discussion and to meet corresponding fee earners, and the opportunity for us to obtain discounted prices on the supply of goods and services. Altogether, our association has proved an entirely satisfactory and beneficial arrangement which I would recommend to any smaller firm in our situation."

Somerville & Savage, Torquay

"Just a quick email to say how much of a benefit being with Connect2Law is to me and my firm. I really do appreciate the service! I emailed today for a sanity check on a matter I was handling.  Practising by myself, I do not usually get the opportunity to sound out my ideas and thinking with another professional.  Having spoken to Andrew Tobey, I not only feel confident of my position but he was able to give me a positive strategy going forward. Being part of Connect2Law gives me incredible support from very knowledgeable lawyers who are happy to provide their time. "

Mel Parsons, Insight Legal, Plymouth

“Membership of Connect2Law provides peace of mind.  I know that if a valued Client has a problem which my firm does not have the specialisation to deal with, a referral through Connect2Law will ensure not only that my Client receives a first class service but also that there will be no attempt to poach his other business”

Ann Pointer, Solicitor, Tavistock

Michelmores Connect2Law Team

Contact us by email at or on 01392 688688.

Meet the Michelmores Connect2Law team below or read more about our lawyers.

Mel Firth  Mel Holyoak, Business Development Manager








 Malcolm Dickinson

  Malcolm Dickinson, Managing Partner




















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